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Now you can sew wherever you go, with our high quality portable sewing machine!


Light and easy to carry with you (it weighs just 1.6lbs) so you can take it with you wherever you go and sew to your heart's content! If you are going abroad, take it with you, if you are going to see family, take it with you

You can use it to sew items for yourself or for your loved ones

2 Power Sources (can be powered by power adapter or by 4AA batteries), enabling you to sew without having to be close to a plug socket

Equipped with a lamp to protect your eyes when you sew. The lamp allows you to see more clearly whilst sewing and enables you to sew both day and night

Can smoothly sew clothes and other items with ease including thin and light fabrics too, allowing you to enjoy your sewing experience whilst the machine does all the hard work 

Has 2 sewing speeds to select from (high and low) via a foot pedal when you sew, enabling you to choose whichever speed you feel most comfortable with

Long lasting and durable, the machine is made from high quality plastic and stainless steel so it can be used year after year

Easy to use making it perfect for both beginners and advanced sewers

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Machine Size: 19.5cm*11.5cm*21cm

Package Includes:

1* Sewing Machine, 1* Foot Pedal, 1* Power Adapter, 1* Threader,1* Needle                                                                                                               

HappyStore Portable Sewing Machine $48.99