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Finally... you can spend more time with your family and friends, rather than spending time removing all that pet hair from your clothing, bedding, carpets and couches thanks to our revolutionary HappyStore Pet Hair Remover

Reasons Why Our Pet Hair Remover Will Improve Your Life:

1) EASY TO USE: Gently brush the item that requires cleaning with our Pet Hair Remover and within a few strokes all of the pet hair will be effortlessly removed

2) CLEANS WITHOUT CAUSING DAMAGE TO ITEMS:  Traditional scrapers and razors can damage your clothes and household items due to their poor design and sharp blades

However, our HappyStore Pet Hair Remover has been specially designed with smooth blades so it can remove pet hair from a number of different items (clothing, carpets, curtains, furniture, kitchen tables, bedding etc) without causing them damage


3) SAVES YOU TIME: It's unique coil enables it to gather and remove pet hair within seconds, saving you lots of time and energy

4) EASY TO CLEAN:  The Pet Hair Remover can be easily cleaned under hot water and can then be used again and again

5) SAVES YOU MONEY: Statistics show the average pet owner has to throw away 30lbs of clothing and household items each year due to damage from pet hair. Pet hair can be an expensive problem

But our HappyStore Pet Hair Remover's wide design allows it to remove all pet hair from your clothing and household items so you no longer have to throw away those items, saving you plenty of money

6) KEEPS YOU HEALTHY & SAFE: Pet hair can often contain harmful bacteria and if pet hair is spread across your bed and house it can turn your house into a breeding ground for this bacteria

However our HappyStore Pet Hair Remover prevents this from happening by gathering all the pet hair in one go, keeping you healthy and safe

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7) REMOVES ALL KINDS OF DIRT TOO: As well as removing pet hair, our amazing Pet Hair Remover also removes lint, fuzz, dust and all kinds of dirt with ease from your clothing, carpets, curtains, bedding and couches 

8) PORTABLE: It is sleek, compact and light to carry, therefore you can take it anywhere to keep your clothes and belongings looking pristine 

9) LONG LASTING AND DURABLE: It is made from high quality wood and copper and is highly durable, so it can be used year after year


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HappyStore Pet Hair Remover $17.99