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Don’t be dependent on sanitation! Bring your soap to wherever you go.

Going on travels? Handling your pets? Worried about keeping your hands clean and hygienic? HappyStore's Paper Soap Sheets are the perfect solution for you

Want to enjoy the outdoors without bringing heavy toiletries? Travel light with HappyStore's Paper Soap Sheets! 

Reasons Why Our HappyStore Paper Soap Sheets Will Change Your Life:

1) Safe and non-toxic ingredients, no side effects

2) Easy to use, just take out one when you want to wash your hands

3) Comes with a storage container, lightweight and mini size, very portable, easy to carry

4) Convenient and practical, keeping your hands clean anywhere and anytime. Suitable for business trips, travelling, camping, hiking, BBQs, handling pets or any outdoor activity, etc.

Shipping Times: 15 days

HappyStore Paper Soap Sheets $14.99