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Every parent knows it can be difficult to keep their child's curious little fingers away from drawers and cabinets

This can potentially be dangerous and cause injuries to the child. But our 5 Child safety locks have been designed to solve this problem and give you peace of mind

Each child safety lock has an easy sticking adhesive backing, which means it can easily be attached to kitchen drawers, cabinets or any other items you do not want your child to open

Each safety lock is strong and durable and will close the item it is attached to (e.g. cabinet) so that even the most curious child cannot pry it open

The safety locks are long-lasting, can be removed by an adult and used on different household items 

Shipping Times: 15 days

Please note our brown child safety locks are currently in stock, however our white child safety locks are currently out of stock (due to popular demand), but will be back in stock very soon

HappyStore Child Safety Locks (Pack Of 5) $12.99