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Tired of your 2 dogs pulling you in different directions when you take them for a walk? Solve the problem with our revolutionary double dog lead!

Dual Retractable Dog Leash –

Reasons Why Our Double Dog Lead Will Make Your Life So Much Easier:

  • Strong & Durable: The double dog lead is made from nylon and is extremely strong enabling you to walk dogs of all sizes, with just one hand
  • Easy To Use: Simply attach the double dog lead to each dog's collar and away you go!

Pecute Double Dog Leash - pet training

  • Suitable For Dogs Of All Sizes: Our HappyStore double dog lead comes in a range of sizes from small to large, enabling you to choose which size best fits your dogs. Whether you have a large rottweiler or a small poodle, our double dog leads are designed to accomodate every sized dog
  • Keeps You Safe: If you try and walk 2 dogs on 2 different leads, they can often pull apart in different directions which could be dangerous for you. Our double dog lead ensures both dogs will only be able to walk in the same direction, keeping you safe

Dual Double Dog Leash No Tangle Coupler Nylon Leash for Two Pet ...Product Specification:

Material: Nylon
S: Length:45 cm,width:1.5 cm
M: Length:45 cm,width:2.0 cm
L: Length:45 cm,width:2.5 cm


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HappyStore Double Dog Lead $22.99