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Keep your beautiful cat happy and relaxed with our luxurious soothing cat bed!


Reduces anxiety in your cat, as the bed is designed with a raised rim which has been shown to calm your cat's nervous system, keeping them relaxed and providing comfort when they need it

Improves your cat's sleep quality, the bed contains luxurious faux fur which makes it extremely comfortable and soothing and enables your cat to sleep more deeply and peacefully

Reduces your cat's aches and pains, the bed has a unique super-soft filling which provides joint and muscle pain relief for your cat

Hygienic and safe, the bed is designed to be both a comfortable and hygienic place for your cat to sleep

Stylish design, to ensure our beds effortlessly blend into the style of your home

Long lasting and durable, the bed is made from high quality faux fur and nylon so it can be used year after year

Machine washable, so it can be cleaned easily and conveniently

Bed Size: 40cm (suitable for all cats)

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HappyStore Soothing Cat Bed $29.99