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 Many cat owners miss out on the wonderful experience of taking their cat for a walk because they think their cat won’t like it.

The truth is that cats love walking, almost as much as dogs!

Our reflective cat harness and leash will allow you to easily walk your cat safely and gently, whether you’re taking your cat for a walk around the block or just out in the backyard.

The Adjustable Vest Harness is a vest mesh-style harness that clips on the side of the cat's belly. It's adjustable and should fit cats between 1-15 kilograms. 

Our cat harness and leash are perfectly designed for easy walking and jogging with your cat.

The cat harness is also reflective so that your cat can safely be seen at night by cars when you are taking it for a walk


XS (Suitable for smaller cats): Harness: 26cmx1.5cm   Leash: 120cm

S (Suitable for larger cats): Harness: 34cmx1.5cm   Leash: 120cm

Shipping Times: 15 days

HappyStore Reflective Cat Harness And Leash $14.99