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If you want to give your cat the purrrfect present, try our Cat Grooming gloves

These gloves do a great job of picking up your cat's shedded/loose hair, whilst enabling you to groom the pet quickly, gently and effectively

The hair sticks to the gloves and can be then easily removed for disposal

Each glove is made of rubber and allows you to groom all places like your cat's face, legs or tail to ensure you don't miss a spot

The gloves imitate the hand touching to provide a soft and relaxing massage to your cat and have been shown to improve it's blood circulation also

One size fits all glove

Shipping Times: 15 days

Please note our Red and Green cat grooming gloves are currently out of stock due to popular demand but will be back in stock very soon

HappyStore Cat Grooming Glove $12.99