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Help your little one learn to use the toilet as quickly as possible with our Potty Training Seat & Adjustable Ladder

This potty training seat and ladder is suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 6 years old and helps them get acquainted with utilising the modern day toilet

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Reasons Why Our Potty Training Ladder & Seat Will Improve Your Little One's Life:

1) Our potty training seat and ladder is very safe to use, and has an 'anti-slip' design for the seat and ladder which will prevent it from shifting, which means your children can climb up and down it to use the toilet independently

2) The foot pedal and ladder can be easily adjusted to accomodate children of different sizes and ages

3) The potty training seat and ladder is very easy to assemble (you just need a key to tighten the screws that come with it) and it fits on any modern day toilet


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4) The potty seat and ladder is made from high quality plastic  and is highly durable so that it can be used year after year

Package includes:

1 Seat, 1 Ladder, 1 Foot Pedal

Size: Seat 7.5cm x 37cm, Ladder 48cm x 7.5cm, Foot Pedal 37cm x 13cm


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HappyStore Potty Training Seat & Adjustable Ladder $52.99