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Gain your confidence back with our new HappyStore Beard Filling Pen Kit which has been designed to cover hair loss in your beard and eyebrows so you can be the best version of yourself

Our revolutionary Beard Filling Pen Kit subtly hides hair loss in your moustache, beard and eyebrows quickly and effectively giving you the the full beard and eyebrows that you always wanted 



Reasons Why Our Beard Filling Pen Kit Will Change Your Life:

1) REALISTIC RESULTS: The Beard Filling Pen utilises a four pronged micro-fork tip to draw on realistic hair with thin brush strokes. 

You can use the soft bristle brush that also comes with the package to brush over areas for a more natural and realistic look

The results are very realistic and nobody will be able to tell you have used the Beard Filling Pen!

2) SMUDGE PROOF AND WATERPROOF DESIGN: The Beard Filling Pen provides long lasting results which are smudge proof, sweat proof and also waterproof allowing you to go about your day without worrying

3) SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES The HappyStore Beard Filling Pen Kit is 100% safe to use with no side effects. As long as you follow our simple user manual, you will be good to go

4) DIFFERENT COLORS TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS: The pen is available for black hair color and also dark brown hair color to accomodate your hair type. We are also currently developing other colors to further add to the collection

6) AFFORDABLY PRICED: The pen is affordably priced and after using it you won't need anymore expensive and time consuming hair transplants or hair regrowth serums 

7) LONG LASTING AND DURABLE: The Beard Filling Pen is made from high quality material and is highly durable, so it can be used year after year


How It Works:

The Beard Filling Pen is easy to apply.

Simply apply the pen gently to the designated area on your beard or eyebrows that you wish to enhance

The pen uses a four pronged micro-fork tip for creating hair-like brush strokes, that seamlessly blend with your facial hair or eyebrows. It also comes with a soft bristle brush to soften pen strokes into a more natural look

Package Includes: 1 Beard Filling Pen & 1 Soft Bristle Brush



Shipping & Money Back Guarantee:


Free Shipping (Shipping Times: 5-10 days)

Your purchase is backed by our 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee!

We are more than certain that you will be satisfied with our product, but in case you aren't, let us know within 30 days and we'll give you a stress-free refund


HappyStore Beard Filling Pen Kit $19.49